The End of the Beginning

Well… this is officially my first blog post. So I guess a little intro must be warranted.

I’m a graduate student, specifically an applied mathematics Master’s candidate in the middle of nowhere. Eventually, I aim to earn a Ph.D. in computational physics. I will most likely start such a program right after getting my Master’s, or I may take a year off. We’ll see.

This blog is dedicated to organizing my thoughts as I begin my research. I must say though, at the moment I am not anywhere near a professional or expert. As such, this blog will become better and more valuable to me or anyone as time goes on. So hang on with me, please.

Now, I say “dedicated” but the truth is I may very well post non-math here from time to time. Most of such posts will be video game related, so I hope you enjoy them.

Thanks for reading or just staring at this long post. Please enjoy my blog!

+ Milo


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