The Volcanoes of Oahu, Hawaii


Credit: Wikipedia Credit: Wikipedia

When anyone mentions the volcanoes of Hawaii, most of us immediately think Kilauea and/or Mauna Loa, both located on the big island of Hawaii.  Kilauea is the youngest and best known, because it has been in constant eruption since 1983.  Mauna Loa is earth’s largest volcano and last erupted in 1984.  It is more than 4 km above sea level and takes up more than half of the island. The 1984 eruption was short, compared to Kilauea, lasting from March 25 – April 15.

But, during a recent search of Friday riddles, I found myself on the island of Oahu.  It is known as the “gathering place” and tourists gather at the rate of 4.5 million a year.  Most notably, they come to Honolulu to see the sites, surf, golf, experience a luau and hula dancing and swim and sun bathe at Waikiki Beach with its 5-star hotels…

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