New Series: The Physics of Destiny

So to motivate me to post on a more regular basis (or at least post more than once in a blue moon), I’ve decided to start a new series.

No Time to Explain:  The Physics of Destiny


It’s a  bit of a huge task, and I am sure there are many blogs that do this sort of thing. Nonetheless, most of my free time goes either to my loved ones or Destiny (which is, to be honest, kind of a loved one). The rest of my life is dedicated to mathematics. So why not bridge the Twilight Gap?

The series will begin with a focus on the Traveler, a very mysterious and powerful entity in the Destiny Universe, ultimately responsible for a great chunk of what has befallen Earth and our Solar System as a whole–good or bad. Without spoiling too much, I will discuss some of the current theories of what the Traveler actually is. There are many which are beyond interesting.

I look forward to this series. I will put my all into it, and base any arguments I make on real-life honest to goodness science where possible. I will have more details soon regarding timing and content.



A warlock wielding an Arc Blade. Warlocks are known for their intellect, more so than the other two classes.



[Images pulled from news feed]


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